A workshop co-located with LREC 2022

A workshop co-located with LREC 2022

Palais du Pharo, Marseilles, France

Workshop proceedings are now available on the ACL Anthology.

This workshop is the second in the series on People in Vision, Language And the Mind. The first edition, ONION 2020 was co-located with LREC 2020.

The workshop will provide a forum to present and discuss current research focusing on multimodal resources as well as computational and cognitive models aiming to describe people in terms of their bodies and faces, including their affective state as it is reflected physically.

Such models might either generate textual descriptions of people, generate images corresponding to people’s descriptions, or in general exploit multimodal representations for different purposes and applications. Knowledge of the way human bodies and faces are perceived, understood and described by humans is key to the creation of such resources and models, therefore the workshop also invites contributions where the human body and face are studied from a cognitive, neurocognitive or multimodal communication perspective.